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Starting a business successfully has come about from a natural desire to really help people get started in their own business.

Hi, Iā€™m Sammuel Yisrael. Life for me has always been about assisting others to ensure that their goals are achieved. In 2002 I found my self out of work and rather disillusioned as I had been made redundant following a company merger, despite many reassurances that my job was safe.

Previously I had been travelling two hours to work, in Didcot, Oxfordshire, however my wife was expecting our second child and was struggling with the pregnancy getting to a point where she could not walk.

So I started my own business from home.I chose to use a networking company or MLM as the basis of my business building a customer base from the Small Business and Residential markets. I devoted my self to this full time for three years making enough just to get by.

Through it was hard work it was worth it as I was able to work from home and be there for my children growing up.In 2005 I was head hunted to join an aerospace company as a test design engineer; working on designing equipment to ensure the aircraft engine worked correctly prior to it getting on an aeroplane.

As the Lead Test Design Engineer, I played a key role in the development and realisation of a new test strategy, from providing the first concept presentation, supporting documentation to the design, and development and delivery of the required hardware and software interfaces.

I found the work challenging and rewarding however became frustrated by the politics within the work place and the lack of requisition for the success I had achieved

During my time as a Lead Test Design Engineer, I was constantly using consultants/contractors to enable me to achieve the project deadlines and saw an opportunity for my self to fill this market need.

So I started my own consulting business which I have run successfully for the last 5 years, working with a number of large companies where I have developed strategies to reduce their costs and meet their deadlines on time.It was only when I applied my self to something that I truly enjoyed that the money started to flow.

During these last few years I have met many people who have asked my advice on how to go about starting a business.Even recently I have been involved with developing a business plan for the Samba band that I play in to reform it into a social enterprise.

sammuel yisrael samba band

This web site was born out of my desire to really enable and help people and to give them the best chance in starting a business successfully.

Even established small businesses get stuck and need new business ideas to kick start business growth.In order to become successful in business you will need to gain a number of key skills.

In this starting a business successfully guide, each page will provide you with the essentials to build a profitable and sustainable business.

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