Small Business Online Marketing

small business online marketing

Some people have never thought seriously about creating a small business online marketing plan which could be generating customers globally and locally by using the Web's powerful outreach.

In fact, selling your professional service online is, without a doubt, the most overlooked and virtually untapped opportunity on the Internet. Despite the fact that it requires minimum effort and cost to bring your skills and knowledge before a hungry-to-buy, world-wide audience, most small business fail to do so.

The best way to ensure your online success is to have a small business online marketing strategy that actively builds relationships. By using this small business online marketing technique of building strong relationships you build trust and credibility with your potential clients making them more likely to contact you directly about your service.

Even business providing a local service for example a fire safety inspection service can make use of this.

Most people assume that because the Web is a global medium, it's not a relevant advertising conduit for a locally-based business. But they would be wrong….

Web Presence

A Web presence gives your business a distinct edge over your local competitors, especially when it comes to expanding your current customer base.

As part of your small business online marketing ask your self which has more value these days - a Yellow Pages ad or a Google page result?

In the past most people, when they need a repair job done, looked in the phone book while this is still true for some people there is a growing trend to use Google. So make sure you use both methods.

More and more people are turning to the Internet as their preferred source of information. A Web presence allows your potential client to get to know you and your service better than a small ad ever could. And this in turn means a confident and less risky feeling about making a business decision.

If your competitors don't offer this option, you have a serious edge on getting that follow-up contact about your service. After all, who do you think they are going to buy from -- a friend or a stranger?

In Google's AdWords, there is a Local Business Center. You create local business ads to promote your specific business through a combination of Google Maps and AdWords paid search advertising.

When you create a free local business center listing (which consists of the business name, address, phone number, hours of operation, payments accepted, relevant business categories, and the like), you can promote your business through a special location-targeted Sponsored Link.

A new development is local social networking sites and local Web 2.0 sites, such as Yelp, Yellowikis, and MojoPages. Some of these allow local businesses to rise up the rankings via good customer reviews, while others allow visitors to add their favorite restaurants, bars, clubs, etc. to the local listings.There's little doubt with this amount of interest and resources being devoted to developing local search options, that some pretty smart people are betting on local search...

Create a Local Community Resource

A local business small business online marketing could be to leverage its Web presence by turning its site into a feel-good community resource.

Our fire safety inspection service, for instance, writes a series of great articles on fire prevention and fire safety .Each week he features one article on his site, and announces its presence to the community through the local newspaper...

Turn your site into an information resource, and the trust and awareness it fosters will generate more clients.

Generate Additional Income

A locally-based service can use its Web presence to generate additional income from a global audience as well as build local business.

For instance, great articles about fire prevention and fire safety appeal to everyone on the planet. And while no one from across the world is going to request that you go and inspect their property, he may very well follow your link to a merchant partner (ex., a fire extinguisher retailer), and make a purchase (for which you receive commissions).

In order to generate income, enough people must need and/or value your service and feel strongly that they will personally profit from the way you deliver it versus your competitor's approach.

You also need to know whether your small business online marketing efforts should be focused locally or globally depending on what you are focoused on.

For an example, a general tax accountant may only attract traffic from his local area. The majority of his clients like the peace of mind afforded by being able to drop off important documents to the office or being able to discuss delicate financial matters face-to-face.

Contrast this with an international tax accountant who specializes in tax sheltered investments for the wealthy. His clients could come from anywhere in the world and communication could all be done by e-mail, fax, or courier.

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