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Looking for business names, ideas failing you?

busines name ideas

Coming up with business name ideas may come easy for some, but others struggle with the task. The wrong business name can actually be the end of a well-built business plan.

How often have you looked through the yellow pages and seen names like AA paving or ABC taxis while these get you to the top of the listing does this actually get people to ring?

Also consider the fact that increasing numbers of searching "pre-customers" are finding those big, heavy paper Yellow Pages directories too inconvenient and limiting. It's so much easier and flexible to use Google and other Search Engines.

So where do you start looking for business names ideas?

Good Business Name Ideas are ...

• short and sharp, not formulaic -- keep it to as few words as possible
• meaningful -- conveys a clear message
• easy to spell
• easy to remember
• unique, descriptive, and "you"

Brainstorming Business Names Ideas

In order to find the perfect business name for a new venture, we'll generate business name ideas by brainstorming, so grab a pencil and let's begin.

Let’s think about what your business is about. What you provide, your product/service features, the benefits to customers, the personality of your company, what key messages you'll be relaying and the core promises you'll be making to customers.

It’s a very similar process as when creating a name for a website which in fact can also be the name of your business. When I was thinking about this website I started of with three concepts of small business, business ideas, business start up but none of these really described what I wanted to offer.

When my son was born we decided to use real nappies, and in order to get them cheaper we brought them in bulk and then started selling of the excess on eBay. As we were selling baby products, we created a list of keywords containing things; baby, diapers, nappy, cloth nappy ...etc.

Once you run out of keywords, grab a thesaurus and use it to find exciting and interesting words you may not normally use.

Find out the Greek and Latin translations of your words. Figure out what colours, gemstones, plants, animals, etc., relate to your words.

Experiment and start playing with combinations of your various words and partial words.

Reflect. Review your list and just give some thought to each name. How does it make you feel when you hear it?

When reviewed our business name ideas list for our baby products business for names that created a sense of luxury and comfort for the baby we started to add things like; new life, fluffy bums, fuzzy dreams.

Let’s think again about what your business is about the key thing that makes your business stand out it Unique Selling Point or USP.

Your list should really be growing now and offering many wonderful business name ideas. Now add your location to the list if it's relevant.

Testing Your Business Name Ideas

Now look at your list of business name ideas and ask the following questions of each name:

• Is it pronounceable and easy to spell?
• Is it distinctive and concise?
• Does it clearly communicate your message?
• Does it have a positive sound?

If you think you've chosen a winner, don't commit to it just yet

1. Communicate. Go over the list with someone you trust. Have them tell you how each name makes them feel, and how memorable they think it is.

2. Prioritize. Throw out any that just don't fit and make a prioritized list of the rest.

3. Check trademarks. Make sure no one is using that name in your line of business. You may be able to use the name in a completely different business, but be aware that it may create confusion for both you and them.

4. Check domain names. You want to make sure that an appropriate domain name is available. You want, of course. If that's not available, you may want to reconsider.

5. Search the internet. Even if someone doesn't have the domain, you still want to see what else is out there that has the same name. That doesn't mean you don't use it if you find something, but you need to know.

6. Check company names. If you're planning to incorporate, check with Companies House to ensure the name or a similar one has not already been used.

7. Check assumed names. For sole proprietors, check for local assumed names


If you have fallen in love with a name that doesn't precisely tell people what you do or what you sell, consider adding a tagline. A tagline is best described as a phrase or adage that defines your company's mission in the fewest words possible. Take another look at your list of keywords to see if any words can create a 3-7 word statement about who you are or what you are selling.

From the moment of inception, your business name will be linked to your customers' perceptions. All advertising will centre on your brand. By putting a lot of thought and effort into generating business name ideas now, you may avoid many marketing and legal pitfalls.

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