Twitter Marketing

Twitter Marketing is about having a clear strategy in place or you will never see results. You can’t use Twitter for your business the same way you use it for your personal life.

I have to be honest that I didn’t used to understand what social networking was all about. When thinking about using it for marketing a business Twitter seemed to be a complete waste of time.

As I researched more into using Twitter as a marketing tool I discovered that in fact that twitter is a powerful marketing tool when used in the right way.

For those of you who like me are unfamiliar with Twitter let me take a quick look at what it actualy is:

Twitter is a tool for posting very short updates or "micro-blogging". It seems to have been perfectly designed for mobile phones through text messages as each update is limited to 140 characters.

Twitter is giving you the opportunity to have a global audience at your fingertips just think what that could do for your business when used in the right way.

As with all Social networking Twitter needs consistent focused effort it’s easy to get overwhelmed and lose focus. When Twitter marketing a business you need to develop relationships by responding quickly to direct messages to yourself, you don’t need to respond to everything however it is a good idea to anything that causes you to think. It is the one to one communication that is the core of building a business using Twitter Marketing.

A recent study I read showed that only 36% of tweets are of any interest so keep your tweets to meaningful, comment on a story or give a reason for liking a blog or a photo.

So lets get your twitter marketing under way

  1. Sign-up and post a profile. To start your Twitter Marketing and click on the "Get Started - Join" button in the middle. Think carefully about your Twitter bio, your bio is a huge deciding factor if somebody decides to follow you or move along to someone else. Use keywords on your profile and a fun fact to earn trust, add personality and enable you to be found.

2. Twitter Photo. Use one of yourself. When you use your picture people feel like they are talking to a person.

3. Automate - There are also some great twitter marketing tools available that make things easy by allowing you to schedule updates, post your social media messages across several social media sites, like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn at the same time. Hootsuite can be used to schedule out a tweet whenever you have an idea or come across a link or resource that you want to tweet about. Just don’t over do it. You want to keep it fresh and not come across as phony. You can also use Hootsuite to search for contacts by looking for specific job titles or services.

4. Keep it simple. Just have one account. Having multiple twitter accounts just creates work. In twitter marketing you are looking to promote yourself which will in turn bring people to your business.

5. Make friends. Making friends on Twitter is pretty easy. Just surf around the web on your favourite blogs, people's Facebook profiles etc, and when you see a Twitter box that tells you what they are doing click on it. Follow experts, companies, competitors and leaders in your industry. Use Twellow a Yellow pages for twitter to find and connect with people.

6. How to "chat". Using the @ symbol before someone's Twitter username is how people have "conversations" in Twitter. A @mention is a public message that you can send to anyone, whether or not you are following them or they are following you. Mentions are public and you can include as many mentions as you’d like in a tweet. A direct message is completely private, and can only be sent to those that follow you.

  1. Be authentic. Keep it genuine and real, be yourself.
  2. Mix it up. Use different tweet types including retweets (RT), @replies, original thoughts, and links to other people’s content (not just your own).
  3. Most of all keep it relevant. If you are going post where you are give it meaning and make sure its relevant. People don’t want to know that you’re at the coffee shop unless you give it meaning like “Using a local coffee shop near to new clients created a relaxed feeling and showed I was able to work with them in a flexible way”